Strengthen Your Bid By Selecting the Best Teaming Relationships

August 30, 2023 | Business Development, Government

In government contracting, one's strength often stems from individual capability and the alliances developed. In bidding scenarios, particularly in defense, construction, and the IT world, teaming relationships can significantly enhance your offer to the government and your pipeline. In contrast, it can also break the chances of securing a contract and possibly ruin your reputation. The key to successful bids often lies in carefully selecting these teaming partnerships. Below, we are going to examine how to ensure you make the best choices when it comes to your teaming partners. 1. Vet Prospective Teaming Partners Thoroughly The importance of conducting due…

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Planning For a Conference

August 23, 2023 | Business Development, Government

                    Navigating industry conferences, especially in the realm of government contracting, requires a blend of strategic planning, active participation, and timely follow-ups. Here's how to maximize your experience from start to finish. Pre-Conference Planning Ensure Key Buyers are Attending: Research the list of attendees. If the main buyers of your products or services are present, your attendance becomes even more crucial.  Secure Meetings in Advance: Identify people you want to meet or prospects you may want to target and include other team members in this search. Ask other attendees if they…

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Shifting Focus: It’s Not About What You Don’t Have, But What You Can Do

August 16, 2023 | Business Development, Government

                        At a project's inception, it is easy to get caught up in what we don’t have: the right subject matter expertise, cutting-edge technology, or the perfect team, for example. This also rings true for pursuing opportunities as a government contractor. However, a shift in perspective--what we can do with what we have instead of focusing on a lack of resources--can lead to transformative results. 1. Knowledge: It's a Mindset Knowledge, or the perceived lack thereof, can be a daunting barrier. In the realm of government contracting, knowledge doesn't…

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Mastering Time Management: Setting Boundaries for Meetings

August 9, 2023 | Business Development, Government

                        In today's interconnected, fast-paced work environment, meetings often consume a significant portion of our daily schedules, leaving us less time for focused, productive work. This can be a significant time suck unless we set boundaries, optimize meeting times, and assertively communicate our value. Here are some actionable steps to streamline your schedule, ensuring your meetings are efficient, effective, and less frequent. Schedule 30-Minute Meetings: Meetings tend to expand to fill the allocated time, an occurrence known as Parkinson's Law. For example, if a meeting is scheduled for an…

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Choosing the Right Contract Vehicle for Your Company

August 2, 2023 | Business Development, Government

                    Doing business with the government involves more than just offering a great product or service. It’s also about finding the right contract vehicle. A contract vehicle is a pre-negotiated or umbrella contract that government agencies can use to purchase products and services. Given the increase of government transactions, a decrease in contracting officers, and the Federal government’s push for more category management, choosing a contract vehicle can mean the difference between winning contracts and being left behind. With the many options available, how can a company determine the best option…

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MYTH: Providing goods and services to the government means you have to wait forever to get paid.

FACT: Many government contracts are subject to the Prompt Payment Act which was enacted to ensure the federal government makes timely payments. Bills are to be paid within 30 days after receipt and acceptance of goods/services or after receipt of an invoice whichever is last. If a timely payment is not made, interest should be automatically paid.