Mastering Government Sales Calls: Seven Essential Tactics for Success

November 29, 2023 | Government

Image from Canva Making successful phone calls to prospective buyers, especially in the government sector, can be challenging. Here is some fundamental guidance to help you navigate this task more effectively: Plan and Prioritize: Create a list of prospective buyers and rank them based on their potential value to your business. This helps you focus on the most promising leads first. Allocate specific times on your calendar for making these calls, treating them as important appointments. Also, don’t commit to making all your weekly calls in a one-time slot. If you aim to make 25 calls weekly, break it into…

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Six Things To Consider Before You Bid When You Don’t Have Past Performance

November 21, 2023 | Business Development, Government

Photo by simarik on Canva Companies new to government sales face challenges when entering the space. Success in this area hinges on an astute understanding of one's competitive advantages and a systematic approach to bid preparation. Simply saying, “This is exactly what we do,” isn’t enough. This article delineates six factors to consider before submitting a government contract bid. Have you completed comprehensive competitive pricing research? A fundamental step for prospective bidders is to ascertain the competitiveness of their pricing strategy. This necessitates a comprehensive analysis of prevailing market rates and a thorough understanding of governmental budgetary constraints for similar…

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4 Biggest Mistakes Made In Government Business Development and How To Overcome Them

November 16, 2023 | Government

Image taken from Canva This table outlines key pitfalls in government sales strategies, such as insufficient market research, overreliance on bidding sites, and delayed sales strategies. It details the implications of each mistake and offers tailored solutions. This quick reference table is a resource for new and seasoned business developers alike, helping them in the effective decision-making and strategy formulation process.

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Why Wait? Kickstart Your Goals This Nov New Year

November 1, 2023 | Self Help

Image taken from Canva I have never liked the concept of New Year's resolutions. Most of them are abandoned by February, and for the most part, they don’t bring about any type of change. The concept of "Nov New Year" revolves around a pre-emptive start to one's resolutions and goals, capitalizing on November 1st rather than waiting until January 1st. Let's delve deeper into this idea. Origin and Philosophy: The "Nov New Year" recognizes that for many, the last two months of the calendar year can become a whirlwind of holidays, events, and end-of-year tasks. Translation: Lots of distractions. Furthermore,…

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MYTH: Government agencies only do business with large businesses.

FACT: Each government agency sets goals each year on how much money they will spend with small business concerns (traditional small business, woman owned small business, minority owned small business, veteran owned small business, hubzone etc). Some agencies have set their goal to award 30% of their dollars spent to some type of small business concern.