Free Webinar TOMORROW: Selling on a GSA Schedule

November 30, 2022 | Business Development, Government

In my early years as a government contractor, my company was continually contacted by businesses wanting me to hire them to obtain a GSA Contract Schedule. We chose not to because our line of business kept us very busy.  These sales pitches always included the following: Over X amount of dollars (in the billions) are bought on a GSA Schedule every year! Having a GSA Schedule will allow buyers to come to you since you will be listed on GSAAdvantage and GSAElibrary. The only thing standing between you and ultimate government contracting success is a GSA Schedule. See a theme…

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When’s The Best Time To Start Your Government Business Strategy?

November 23, 2022 | Business Development, Government

Photo by Jess Bailey Designs: People have often asked me when is the best time to begin your government business strategy. My answer is always, "yesterday." They often get annoyed with this answer–and I understand why. It’s annoying and unhelpful–even if it is true! So, instead of giving you a sarcastic answer, I’ll share some data: Almost $4.5T in federal government spending was obligated in 2022 The most (27.1% of what was spent in FY22) was spent in the 4th quarter (July-Sep) The quarter with the least amount (23.9%) of activity was Q2 (January - March) This seems to…

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RFQ’s and RFP’s : The First Steps to Ensuring Success

November 17, 2022 | Business Development, Government

Photo by Christina Morillo: If you want to do business with the federal government, it's critical to understand the ins and outs of RFPs. In my work with my clients, I have learned tips to make the process more efficient and effective while also learning a bit about what doesn't work. This article will share a few of these and will especially help people who have very little experience reading or responding to an RFQ/RFP Here are a few of the most important considerations.  First Things First  When I receive an RFP, I first search the document for two…

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MYTH: Doing business with the government does not rely on relationships and does not require any marketing. All that is required finding opportunities on web sites and responding with quotes/proposals.

FACT: Having great relationships with government end users can provide more opportunities beyond RFQs/RFPs posted to government web sites. Some opportunities do not even require the government put it out for a competitive bid process so knowing someone could present more chances to do business. Furthermore, relationships also help build positive past performance history which is critical to winning future opportunities.

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