Lack of Government Sales – The Cause and the Cure

October 26, 2023 | Government

Image taken from Canva In government contracting, many companies typically are embroiled in a seemingly endless cycle of frustration and disappointment. The problem isn't always the lack of effort or passion. The Problem: Blindly Responding to RFPs Falls Short A typical approach to government contracting often involves a brute force strategy of blindly responding to RFPs listed on Companies dive headfirst into a sea of opportunities, hoping to secure contracts that will propel them to success. They meticulously prepare proposals, invest significant time and resources, and eagerly await a response. However, this approach often leads to frustration and disappointment as…

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Treat Everyone as Your Customer: An Organizational Paradigm Shift

October 11, 2023 | Business Development, Communication, Self Help

Image taken from Adobe stock The notion of treating everyone as a customer began with me in 2011. Our organization deployed an employee opinion survey, and the business segment results I led were not good. On a 1-5 scale, with five being excellent, our company (more like me) received a 3.8 for “work environment,” which addressed cleanliness, equipment maintenance, having the proper equipment to do their work, and physical conditions (light, climate, and appearance). Since I was directly responsible for all of these items, it sent me a message that I was not adequately giving our employees the environment needed to…

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The Truth About GSA Schedules and Winning Government Contracts

October 4, 2023 | Government

Image taken from Shutterstock For the past few years, I have pontificated about how getting a GSA schedule does not guarantee success in government contracts. When seasoned government contractors or companies new to the game tell me, “I need to get a GSA schedule. Can you help me get one?” My response is almost always a question, “Why?”. There are plenty of companies out there that would be delighted to provide any company with a GSA schedule and take your money. The problem is that many companies don’t share that GSA sales aren’t guaranteed or know how to create a…

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MYTH: Government agencies always award contracts based on price alone. Lowest price always wins.

FACT: While some contracts are awarded to the lowest bidder, government agencies also make awards based on the best value which includes trade-offs between the ability to perform the work, quality, past performance, and price.