Where Do I Start?

Often businesses get excited when they hear how much money the government spends on goods and services. They may think registering in SAM is all they need. Others start looking for bidding opportunities and submit proposals on the first one they find. They often submit their first proposal without learning anything about the agency or contacting key stakeholders. In other cases, they believe all they need is a GSA Schedule contract. Then, money will magically start streaming into their bank account. This approach often leads to a canceling of their contract due to a lack of sales.

Areas missing from a comprehensive strategy include finding out who buys what they are selling and how their products or services are purchased. They also fail to verify if their current pricing is competitive. Understanding these vital details before fully committing to a specific strategy can save time and money by avoiding critical mistakes. Also, learning the agency’s challenges and building relationships with important stakeholders is just as essential with government agencies as it is in the private sector. Earnest Consulting Group eliminates the guesswork of knowing where to start and can provide a clear path to a successful contract award.

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MYTH: Government agencies only do business with large businesses.

FACT: Each government agency sets goals each year on how much money they will spend with small business concerns (traditional small business, woman owned small business, minority owned small business, veteran owned small business, hubzone etc). Some agencies have set their goal to award 30% of their dollars spent to some type of small business concern.

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