We appreciate you taking the time to visit us. If you’ve gotten this far, you may be, at the very least, curious about doing business with the Federal government or simply want to improve in this part of your business.

Here are some general statements we have found to be true about government contracting:

Here are also some factual statements from the year 2023:

The first set of bullet points seems encouraging, while the second is rather disheartening. Although there is a vast opportunity, achieving it takes a lot of work. But, with the help of Earnest Consulting Group’s Government Sales Game Plan, companies that have never done business with the government before, won one contract but have yet to repeat their success, or have had past significant achievements but fallen flat, can reduce the learning curve and develop a winning strategy.

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MYTH: Doing business with the government does not rely on relationships and does not require any marketing. All that is required finding opportunities on web sites and responding with quotes/proposals.

FACT: Having great relationships with government end users can provide more opportunities beyond RFQs/RFPs posted to government web sites. Some opportunities do not even require the government put it out for a competitive bid process so knowing someone could present more chances to do business. Furthermore, relationships also help build positive past performance history which is critical to winning future opportunities.