My Top Ten Most Useful Links for Government Sales

February 22, 2024 | Uncategorized

Image made in Canva  Here are some important things to understand about this list. One, its not comprehensive. Two, they’re not in any specific order. I put them down as I thought about them. Three, this is my list. I” 'm sure other folks top ten will be different. So here they are: This is your official gateway to federal contracting opportunities in three ways: Registering of your business is necessary to win a government contract.  Use the SAM Databank to review award history. It takes some practice to master but a lot of competitive data can be found…

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Six Insights From The SAM Databank To Enhance Your Government Sales Strategy.

February 4, 2024 | Government

Image made in Canva  In government contracting, knowing your target market is crucial for success. Unfortunately, some companies sell lists of known government contracting officers and tell their customers to spam the entire list. It's the spray and pray method. Some just say its a numbers game. In my experience, this method doesn’t work in government sales.  Fortunately, the System for Award Management (SAM) Databank offers information that can provide valuable insights for your government sales strategy. You only need access to the databank, which requires a username and password and a spreadsheet pivot table. I personally prefer Google…

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MYTH: Since the amount of goods and services the government buys is not affected by a economic downturn as private industry, the best time to begin selling to the government is during a recession.

FACT: Developing an effective government business development strategy usually takes years. Waiting until the economy is in recession to pull the trigger on a plan can doom it from the start as this strategy takes time and resources to develop….items that seem to be more scarce when the economy is in a downturn.