‘Twas The Night Before Christmas – Business Edition

December 14, 2018 | Communication, Employee Recognition, Leadership, Teamwork, Trust

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”Twas the night before Christmas, all had left for the holiday break.

But I was at the office stirring, for rarely a break did I take.

Never resting, always doing.

Not having fun, and burnout ensuing.

With engagement low, and turnover high,

Unless attitudes changed, my dream would surely die.

If only my people were loyal and engaged in their responsibilities,

And showed behaviors like teamwork, instead of showing their hostilities.

For a change, I took a look at myself, and for the first time I did see,

That the problem wasn’t my employees, the problem began with me.

The first reason folks wouldn’t engage, and wouldn’t “get on the bus.”

Was I used words like I, my, mine, and me, Instead of we, our, ours, and us.

How could anyone buy-in, when no ownership did they perceive,

In the direction or the mission, in which our team must also believe.

So I stopped to reflect on the past, and pondered what could be,

I made a pledge of change in 2023, and I would begin with me.

First, I would get the entire team together right after the holiday.

I would take full ownership for not being their leader and showing them the way,

To put others before ourselves, to own our own mistakes,

To connect purpose with our work, and have the right attitude for everyone’s sake.

We will change this organization for the best, notice the “we,” not I,

Without your feedback and support, any plan for change will eventually die.

We will develop standards of behavior, systems for feedback and recognition,

And leadership will be through trust, not through subordinates’ submission.

Our comfort zones will be challenged; this change won’t happen overnight.

Challenges will be inevitable, but soon growth will be in sight.

Not growth in just profit, quality, or production,

But as effective leaders, continually under construction.

So my outlook had changed, and my attitude shifted.

A burden was taken; my spirits uplifted.

As I sat there recalling, all of my resolutions of New Years’ past,

I promised myself to keep this new one; the potential was too vast.

Happy Holidays to All from Earnest Consulting Group!

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