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March 14, 2024 | Business Development, Self Help

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In this world of government sales, especially in the beginning, we must ensure we cheer others on. We can’t compare our success to others’ success. We all have your game plan to win. Your path to winning will be different from others.. Here’s how I generally measure my overall progress. Self-awareness is critical with all of these.

  1. Did I do my absolute best? 
  2. Was I true to myself?
  3. Did I lift others up along the way?
  4. Am I still an awesome husband and father to my family?

The last one is crucial for me. If I do the first three and build something huge but neglect the 4th one, I’ve failed. Success means nothing without my loved ones. Success means nothing without Alexis, Aly, Jett, or Brynlee.

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MYTH: Since the amount of goods and services the government buys is not affected by a economic downturn as private industry, the best time to begin selling to the government is during a recession.

FACT: Developing an effective government business development strategy usually takes years. Waiting until the economy is in recession to pull the trigger on a plan can doom it from the start as this strategy takes time and resources to develop….items that seem to be more scarce when the economy is in a downturn.