Reach Your Goals with a 90-Day Blitz

January 11, 2023 | Business Development, Government

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How many times, whether in your career, business, or domestic situation, have you asked yourself, “What the hell do I do next?”

Let’s use your small business as an example. Each of your team members has ideas about what priorities you should focus on. Operations wants to initiate new processes and look at new software systems to increase efficiencies. HR wants to overhaul its interviewing and onboarding process and address the most recent employee opinion survey. Each person or group has their own pet project and isn’t interested in their coworkers’ ideas. And you, as the business owner, are paralyzed by having so many choices and the lack of consensus among your staff. 

So, you may decide that for the time being, to do nothing. Or, not satisfied with sitting still, you may decide to tackle all of the priorities your team identified. Whichever path you take, the result is usually the same: one year later, you find yourself having made no real progress. 

In my experience with setting goals and moving critical initiatives forward, I’ve identified three common mistakes:

  • Too many competing goals are set at one time
  • No timetables or deadlines are set
  • The goals were not measurable

So, what’s the solution? A 90-day blitz.

One of the definitions of the word “blitz” is, “a fast and powerful effort”. Accordingly, a 90-day blitz provides “a fast and powerful effort” to complete 2-3 measurable goals by using organization, focus, and determination. I have been involved in multiple projects, and 90 days have proven to be enough time to achieve goals, but not so much where you lose focus. 

How should you structure a 90-day blitz? Here are the key components:

  • Form a team of 4-6 Individuals
  • identify the top 3 items that need addressed in the next 90 days using a scoring algorithm
  • Identify measurable goals 
  • Develop action items around goals with due dates and task owners
  • Establish a tool to track goals, action items, discussions, and progress
  • Schedule weekly meetings to discuss progress and work through issues of concern
  • Use progress and other issues as moments to provide coaching on communication, leadership, teamwork, and time management
  • Celebrate success and recognize success

90-day blitzes can be used for any type of project, implementation, or new initiative, including your government sales strategy. If you’d like help getting started, reach out to me on LinkedIn or at [email protected]. In just three months, you’ll make more progress than you’d otherwise make in a year. Get started today.

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MYTH: Since the amount of goods and services the government buys is not affected by a economic downturn as private industry, the best time to begin selling to the government is during a recession.

FACT: Developing an effective government business development strategy usually takes years. Waiting until the economy is in recession to pull the trigger on a plan can doom it from the start as this strategy takes time and resources to develop….items that seem to be more scarce when the economy is in a downturn.

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