Proposal Management

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The process of preparing, submitting, and negotiating a government proposal can be distressing. Having reviewed hundreds of government RFPs, we have seen how agencies have handled various kinds of contracts over the years throughout the country. This experience will be of enormous value in developing elements of a proposal that meet the agency’s requirements yet carefully protects your interests. We will ensure that your bid satisfies technical, cost, and administrative requirements. ECG can assist with any of the tasks identified below, depending on the time available and your needs:

Our proposal development and management relies heavily on our client’s expertise when discussing their industry specific experience, management approach, and quality control. ECG acts as a manager making sure all the critical pieces are addressed thoroughly and completed timely. Efficient management of the completed product through production process is also crucial to a successful submission.



MYTH: Government agencies always award contracts based on price alone. Lowest price always wins.

FACT: While some contracts are awarded to the lowest bidder, government agencies also make awards based on the best value which includes trade-offs between the ability to perform the work, quality, past performance, and price.

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