Opportunity Tracking and Competitive Intelligence

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Each day, ECG collects information about government contracting opportunities from multiple databases, agency publications, and proprietary sources. Since there is no single, comprehensive source of information about government contract opportunities dedicated exclusively to this industry, ECG provides a unique resource unavailable elsewhere in a similar format. This information includes the following:

Government contracting is highly time-sensitive. The purpose of daily monitoring is to scan the multiple sources of procurement information efficiently. This process ensures that all significant milestones in the procurement process are identified and addressed quickly so that critical deadlines are not missed. As soon as new opportunities are identified, ECG will send our clients an email including pertinent information.

The sheer volume of government procurement information available to contractors requires that they gather as much notice as possible so that they are positioned to respond when the right opportunity presents itself. The purpose of this email is to allow  clients to quickly assess the information to decide whether to continue monitoring the opportunity, discard it, or move on to a more accurate bid/no-bid decision.



MYTH: Doing business with the government does not rely on relationships and does not require any marketing. All that is required finding opportunities on web sites and responding with quotes/proposals.

FACT: Having great relationships with government end users can provide more opportunities beyond RFQs/RFPs posted to government web sites. Some opportunities do not even require the government put it out for a competitive bid process so knowing someone could present more chances to do business. Furthermore, relationships also help build positive past performance history which is critical to winning future opportunities.

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