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Although government contracts are awarded primarily in response to proposals submitted following Beta SAM announcements, pro-actively building personal relationships with key decision-makers is always a critical element of any successful marketing strategy for government contractors. 

While there is extensive face-to-face contact between government agencies and prospective contractors, agencies are often reluctant to meet while an active request for proposal is officially underway. Therefore, most of the opportunities to build relationships frequently occur both before and after the formal acquisition phase of a specific procurement. 

Attending industry conferences, meeting with buyers directly, or engaging in other general business development activities is an essential part of making buyers aware of your capabilities. While more in-person meetings are starting to be held, a great deal of these engagements are still held virtually. However, our experience shows virtual meetings can still be effective. These engagements are essential for even the most seasoned companies that do business with the Federal government.


MYTH: Government agencies only do business with large businesses.

FACT: Each government agency sets goals each year on how much money they will spend with small business concerns (traditional small business, woman owned small business, minority owned small business, veteran owned small business, hubzone etc). Some agencies have set their goal to award 30% of their dollars spent to some type of small business concern.

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