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Entering the world of government contracting can be exciting, but navigating the complexities can feel overwhelming. Let’s face it, relying solely on SAM and set-aside statuses can leave you chasing shadows. Government contracting involves a web of regulations and procedures. Staying informed and equipped with the right strategies is essential to navigate this market effectively. That’s why we’ve compiled this exclusive list of our top 10 resources to help you.

  1. Seven Key Elements of a Capabilities Statement
  2. Capabilities Statement Example
  3. Capabilities Brief Example
  4. Go/No Go Example
  5. Who Buys What You Sell – Webinar
  6. List of Contract Vehicle Prefixes
  7. Product Price Matrix
  8. Updating DSBS Video
  9. Sample RFI
  10. Behavior Based New Hire Interview Questions

This curated selection offers a blend of informative articles, guides, and helpful videos. We’re building a strong government contracting community where everyone can share knowledge and elevate their game to new heights. Browse our website to learn more about how Earnest Consulting Group can help you achieve your goals.

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MYTH: Companies cannot do business with the federal government if they aren’t connected politically to the party in power.

FACT: The federal government’s procurement process is designed to be one of the most objective, transparent processes in the world of business. Contracting officers are forbidden to award federal contracts based on politics. Furthermore, elected officials are forbidden to interfere with the agency’s contracting process.