Earnest Consulting Group approaches each of its clients by bringing the human element into the organization. The human element has three sub-elements; behavior, focus, and mission. Every seminar, service or initiative covers these three sub-elements in some way. In our experience, only implementing one or two of these sub-elements reduces the initiative to another “flavor of the month” program which will not take hold in the organization. Only by focusing on 3 does the human element become engrained as a major part of the company’s culture. Below, please find the services provided by Earnest Consulting Group.

Each of the services are stand alone. However, we believe results are best when all are implemented. With that said, we encourage only implementing two or three initiatives at a time so they can receive more undivided attention. Please contact us to schedule a meeting to assess the best path for your organization’s human element implementation.


By elevating the people we lead, we elevate ourselves.

Quint Studer, “Results That Last”

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